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Pipe Smoking Tips to Avoid Feeling Sick
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Some people complain that a few hours after smoking Pipe or the next day after smoking Pipe they don’t feel very good. While you can feel sick from smoking Pipe there are ways to avoid this happening and most of them just includes having common sense.

What to Avoid

Some people won’t be able to mix Pipe tobacco with alcohol and this may take experimenting to find out. Try to avoid mixing tobacco with alcohol if possible. Also make sure you’re fully hydrated before you start a Pipe session. Keep your body hydrated prior to the smoking session and also keep yourself hydrated during and after smoking the Pipe. Also make sure you’re not starving when you smoke shisha tobacco.

A few other common sense tips could be included like make sure you breathe between inhales and make sure the Pipe sessions don’t last too long. You don’t want to sit and smoke Pipe for hours on end so try not to let the session pass half an hour. If you avoid these tips you may feel very nauseous and possibly get a light headache after smoking Pipe and it’s definitely not going to make your experience feel very good.

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