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How To Re-hydrate Pipe Tobacco

We've all had it come about ... arrive at for that tobacco you've been longing and it's dehydrated as a bone. Who came up with that face anyhow? First we'll coat what Not to do.


* Do not employ apple slices or additional outgrowth. You'll run the danger of mold and gumming up your bowl.
* Do not go away it in the bathtub while you wash. Although this does labor your tobacco will pick up the perfumes of bath soaps and shampoo.
* Do not make use of valve water.


* Be mild with the dehydrated tobacco or you'll conclusion up with a pile of powder even if you rehydrate properly.
* Mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar in 1 quart of water. Distilled water is best.
* Increase out the dry tobacco in a smooth glass or stainless steel bowl or plate.
* Flippantly scatter the tobacco with the ready water. create with extremely little.
* wrap the tobacco with a lid or artificial wrap so the water adsorbs somewhat than evaporates. do again if essential
* Once back to the accurate dampness level allow the tobacco to sit for a daylight hours previous to smoking.

If done in the approved manner and uncomplainingly your tobacco with are approximately as high-quality as new-fangled. Happy Smoking!

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