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An opium pipe is a pipe intended for the vaporization and mouthful of air of opium. Truthful opium pipes permit for the medicine to be vaporized while being animated in excess of a particular oil street lamp recognized as an opium street lamp. It is consideration that this manner of "smoking" opium began in the seventeenth century when a particular pipe was urbanized that vaporized opium in its place of on fire it.

The pattern of the characteristic opium pipe consists of a extended stem, a earthenware pipe-bowl, and a metal appropriate, known as the "saddle", through which the pipe-bowl plugs into the pipe-stem. The pipe-bowl have to be removable from the stem due to the inevitability to eliminate the bowl and graze its internal organs spotless of opium ash after quite a lot of pipes have been smoked. The stems of opium pipes were more often than not finished from bamboo, but supplementary materials were used such as ivory, silver and jade, to surname a a small number of. Pipe-bowls were characteristically a number of types of ceramic, including Yixing clay and blue and white ceramic. From time to time opium pipe-bowls were imprinted from additional precious materials such as jade.

Since of its design, the opium pipe wanted an opium lamp in arrange to purpose. The lamp was as extremely particular as the pipe, and was intended to canal just the true amount of warmth upon the pipe-bowl so that the opium would vaporize and permit the smoker to breathe in the exciting fumes.

Due to opium abolition campaigns in the nineteenth and near the beginning twentieth centuries, genuine opium pipes are now tremendously rare.

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