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An electronic pipe, or e-pipe, is in fact a battery-powered spray. In its place of delivering the smoke of on fire tobacco, it vaporizes a propylene-glycol answer containing flavorings and nicotine.

Smoking a pipe requires additional equipment and method than cigarette or still cigar smoking. In adding to the pipe itself and matches or a lighter, smokers typically need a pipe tool for stuffing, adjusting, and emptying the tobacco in the basin, and a usual supply of pipe cleaners?

Pipe tobacco can be purchase in more than a few forms, which differ both in flavor (leading to many blends, or the chance for the smoker to mix together their possess tobaccos) and in the corporeal figure and dimension to which the tobacco has been summary. Most tobaccos look like cigarette tobacco, but are considerably additional damp (so they have to be reserved in sealed packaging), and are cut a great deal additional roughly. This makes it somewhat hard to revolve pipe tobacco into cigarette papers; but delicately cut tobacco does not permit sufficient air to run through the pipe, and excessively dehydrated tobacco burns too rapidly with little flavor. It is likely to smoke pipe tobacco with a Blunt (cigar) covering since these wrappers are treated with glycerin and be on fire gradually alike to the majority pipe tobaccos. Some kinds are cut into extended thin streamer. Some are pushed into level cakes which are cut up. Others are firmly wound into extended ropes, and then sliced into discs. Shaving tobacco (sliced cakes or ropes) may be ready in more than a few ways. Usually it is rubbed out with the fingers and palms awaiting it are movable enough to pack. It can also be crumbled or just folded and swollen into a pipe. Some people also favor to dice up extremely uncouth tobaccos previous to by them, making them easier to pack.

In the majority frequent process of stuffing, tobacco is additional to the bowl of the pipe in more than a few batches; every one pushed down awaiting the combination has a consistent thickness that optimizes airflow (something that it is tricky to measure devoid of put into practice). This can be done with a handle or thumb, but if the tobacco requirements to be repacked afterward, while it is burning, the interfere on a pipe tool is from time to time used. If it wants to be loosened, the reamer, or any alike long pin can be used. A customary method of stuffing the pipe is to fill the bowl and then pack quietly to about 1/3 full, fill once more and pack somewhat additional resolutely to about 2/3 full , and then pack additional resolutely still to the top.

An exchange stuffing method called the forthright method does not use the above described layering move toward. In its place tobacco is primary flippantly dropped in, then a big plug is cautiously pressed into the basin all at once.

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