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A Calumet is a traditional smoking pipe second-hand by some inhabitant American Nations. Conventionally it has been smoked to seal a agreement or treaty, or to offer prayers in a spiritual ritual.

"Calumet" is a Norman word, primary used by Norman-French settlers in Canada to describe the traditional pipes they saw in use among the First Nations people of the region. The name came into English-language usage as a universal term for a traditional pipe, though in the cultures in inquiry it is additional ordinary for a culturally-specific term to be used.

A frequent textile for calumet pipe bowls is red pipestone or catlinite, fine-grained easily-worked stone of a wealthy red color of the Choteau des Prairies, west of the large Stone lagoon in South Dakota. The pipestone quarries have conventionally been impartial earth among warring tribes, because people from manifold nations journeyed to the excavation to get hold of the blessed pipestone.

A category of herbal tobacco or combination of herbs was more often than not set aside for particular smoking occasions, with every region's people using the vegetation that were nearby measured to have particular character or a ethnically condoned basis for traditional use.

Some northern Sioux people second-hand long, stemmed pipes for ceremonies while others such as the Catawba in the southeast used traditional pipes shaped as surrounding, footed bowls with a tubular smoke tip prognostic from every fundamental course on the bowl.

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