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Calabash gourds (more often than not with meerschaum or china bowls set within them) have extended complete prized pipes, but they are labour-intensive and these days fairly luxurious. Since of this expenditure, pipes with bodies complete of wood (more often than not mahogany) in its place of gourd, but with the similar typical form, are sold as calabashes. Both wood and gourd pipes are functionally the same. They together have an air assembly room underneath the bowl which serves to cool, dry, and rich the smoke. There are also briar pipes being sold as calabashes. These characteristically do not have an air assembly room and are named only since of their outside figure.

The building of a calabash pipe usually consists of a descending bend that ends with an upcurve where the basin sits. This near to the earth center of seriousness allows for the user to with no trouble hold the pipe by the oral cavity alone, send-off his hands free. This benefit was often used by actors who required depicting their temperament smoking while permitting them to do additional business concurrently. That is why the character Sherlock Holmes, who by no means used this kind of pipe in the stories, is stereotypically depicted as favoring it because early striking productions, particularly those starring William Gillette and Basil Rathbone, complete this artistic choice. In fact, Holmes favored extremely harsh tobacco, in dissimilarity to the calabash pipe's aforementioned mellowing result.

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